Trail Notes – June 23

Status on thru-hiker Ziptie: improving, I hope. I’ll explain.

I can only conclude that I am not eating enough to make up for the calories I burn during the day. Maybe I have not been eating enough from the start, but with my recent ramp-up in mileage, plus the fact that my body has pretty much burned all the fat reserves by this point… I bottomed out today. It was very unpleasant; an 11 mile day over pretty easy terrain, but I had no energy. At first I thought it was because I was fretting over non-trail issues, but I never got into the “zone”, the hiking rhythm; I barely made it to the trailhead I was aiming for. The last 1.8 miles took about 2 hours.

And then I called a nearby motel that offered free shuttle service to and from that trailhead. That is where I am now, along with a Swiss mushroom burger and a chef’s salad. My digestive system is not handling things very well, but I need protein. I need veggies. I need fiber – that is where the fiber gummies Morning Song left me come in handy.

Most of all, I need to get to Vermont, so I can slacken my pace some, and figure out how to pack the calories in! I have hiked 81 miles over the past week, by my calculations, and tomorrow will be another long one. But for tonight, I will shower, I will eat, I will hit the tavern next door, and I will try to figure out the best solution to this issue.

I’m sorry it wasn’t a more cheerful entry, but this, too, is part of the trail.

I hike on.

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8 thoughts on “Trail Notes – June 23

  1. Ginny Yuska

    Sound very unpleasant and scary for me as a nurse….
    Keep us posted!! I do hope you get some rest regain some strength!
    Have you been drinking enough and getting electrolytes??
    All the best!


  2. Ginny Yuska

    Hmmm….I’ve only done day hikes. Wish I had more information.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow.


  3. Ginny

    The GI symptoms could really deplete you.
    Let us know how you’re feeling tomorrow AM.


    • Cautiously optimistic this morning. My system seems to have settled down. I’ll take steps to make sure it stays that way.


      • Ginny

        Thanks for the update!! Hike on we’re with you in spirit! šŸ˜ƒ


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