Day 17: T -84 days (I think)

Baaaack on track! I hope!

Things accomplished off the massive to-do list today:

  • The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) compiles and maintains email lists of past thru-hikers willing to give advice about various aspects of the trail. So I emailed a few people on the diabetes list to see what tips and information they could give about hiking and maintaining a constant good blood sugar level. Waiting to hear back
  • Pulled my old hiking boots out of storage and tested them to see how they would hold up. Alas, I fear they would NOT. New boots will be needed after all. The left boot sole has a decided slope toward the right side.
  • Tried wearing the new trail runners around the house a bit more, sadly came to the conclusion they’ll have to be sent back. I /need/ that ankle support they don’t provide.
  • Loaded up a dayhiker pack with  exactly 10 lbs of weight, including one sleeping bag, one Harry Potter hardcover, one season’s worth of Buffy DVDs, and the paperbook edition of “American Sniper”, and took it for a trial walk on the treadmill  – 1.5 miles, 5% grade (59% of the AT is 5% grade or above), 3.0 mph, 30 minutes. It went well, thought my neck and knees are whining in an undertone. Walked back from the fitness area with my windbreaker hanging open, and the 2 degree temp felt wonderful
  • 2/3 finished on the list of Catholic church services on Sat and Sun in trail towns.
  • Recrunched numbas. Looking good!

I have a beer. Last of the Wisconsin bottled beers from the last beer run. Here’s to you! Here’s to me!

My hiking poles are missing.

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