Day 22: T-79 days

The boots are here!

And the books!

And the smartphone.

Tonight, another round of varying grades, 48 minutes, on the treadmill, during which the Betsy learns that new boots do indeed cause blisters on the heel! But I have a PLAN. Since I have two and a half months to break these things in, and I don’t want to wear them out before I even hit the trail, I’ll wear them once a week during an exercise session, and keep a close eye on my heels, until the boots either soften, or the heels toughen up. The other days will be in the old boots.

Other than the heel issue, I really like these boots. Great ankle support. The other pair was higher topped, and the top of the boot felt like a vise around my upper ankle. I will send them back, along with those trail runners, now that I can reuse one of the boxes they came in.

Today’s bit of research is because I’m a cheapskate, and Wells Fargo does not have branches out east. Looking into banks that have branches up and down the AT, so I can avoid having to pay ATM fees when I pull money out. Of course, there is always the cash back option.

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