Day 27: T-74 days

God is good. God is so good!!!

I will be able to go on this hike without my medical bills hanging over my head. Wells Fargo is running a promotion that will enable me to pay them all off, NOW, and then gradually pay the bank back over the next 15 months without interest.  I’ll even have a little extra spending money! It is no exaggeration to say that right now, my eyes are leaking a bit. I guess God is willing that I go on and do this!

Yesterday’s treadmilling was hard. It’s not advised to eat a large meal of delicious Mexican first, but I stuck it out. 🙂 My ankles are sore today, I really need to buy some new boots that fit with good ankle support! Soon!!

This weekend will be some winter camping – temps in the high 40’s in the daytime, above freezing at night. Time to get off the treadmill, test out the 20 degree sleeping bag, tent, camping stove, etc… and do some /real/ hiking. Indian Cave has some steep trails, down by the Missouri River south of here. I will go there.

Forgive me, I am a little puddle of relief right now. Those bills were like an anchor dragging me down. *rubs eyes*

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One thought on “Day 27: T-74 days

  1. Hip Hip HOORAY! Hip Hip HOORAY! Hip Hip HOORAY!!!!


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