Day 32: T-69 days

I thought I’d be bouncing and joyful today, one whole month gone and only two more to go, but truth to tell, I feel very off-kilter! The clouds look creepy, there’s a blizzard coming in, my camping gear is still strewn about the car, and in the endless Litany of the Boots, I think I oversized a half-size – either I exchange, or stuff the toes, and I’d rather exchange. But I’m not going out to exchange tonight!

I’ll be out on the treadmill tonight, with a 20lb pack – time to ramp it up again. The most of me wishes I were out in Vermont, where my sister is taking her vows tomorrow as a Benedictine nun, but I will be here. Snowbound. I’ve never really experienced a true Nebraska blizzard, it should be interesting. There was that one time in Boston, where I was stuck in my dorm room for days with a loaf of cheap bread, a package of funny meat, and a little jar of mustard… I’m better prepared this time.

But still off kilter. I guess, tomorrow, I’ll do some cleaning, then start organizing stuff to pack up to put in storage while I am gone. And surfing discount gear sites online to find the things I still need to buy.

Ciao! Sorry for the unkilterness!

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