Day 34: T-67 Days

I visited the almighty store of Target today in search of something that is rapidly become a necessity – a sweatband. Sweat dripping down into my eyes is very aggravating!

Yesterday’s bout on the treadmill went well… 22.5 lbs of weight on the back. I found a good use for those weights I still had from trying a Beachbody weightlifting program last year. 🙂 One round 10lb, and one round 5lb weight, plus a sleeping bag to provide volume, and of course, the weight of the pack itself. I think I still have some stuff in the top detachable lid that helped add some of the weight.

I’m going to have to work on my balance. I kept trying to glance out the window to see what the weather was doing, and it kept throwing me strides on the narrow treadmill off. I lurch, and my pack lurches with me!

It was a long day at work today – 2 hour delay on account of the weather, and then a 9.5 hour day on top of that. I’ll barely have time to type this, eat dinner, exercise, run a vacuum around for a bit, then topple into bed for a 9 hour day at work tomorrow. Nothing new on the Trail front, unless you count the sweatband purchase… but I am noticing a flatter stomach. This makes me smile.


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