Day 45: T-56 days

Okay, the mini-trip did not happen, but I still took Saturday and Sunday off. The only hike related things done today were the purchase, slicing, and dehydrating of seven bananas into dried banana chips, and the creation of an almost complete gear list, and list of what to put in the bounce box.

Tomorrow, things kick back into high gear.

  • The weather is supposed to be pretty warm for February, so Dad and I and 27lb backpack (or maybe 32lb) will take a nice, leisurely 3 mile stroll around the Walnut Creek Lake Rec area bike path. It has some hills and switchbacks, should be a good test
  • I will start filling out the deferment forms for my blasted student loans
  • And, packing boxes will be purchased to box up and store my stuff while I am gone

I really meant to exercise Saturday, but I lay down for a 45 min nap, and woke up 2.5 hours later, completely missing the exercise window. I can’t regret – I must have really needed the sleep, because normally, it’s hard for me to nap for longer than an hour! The mind was willing, the body had other ideas.

Blast it, I am all sneezy and sniffly. I don’t need a cold!



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