Day 49: T-52 days

Back in the pack again… it’s goood to be… back in the pack again…

Ah, temps today hit the mid-sixties, so a night walk with the Dad and the pack was just perfect. If the weather stays this nice, I may never have to resort to the blasted treadmill again! 🙂

Working 10 and 11 hours at work this week kinda crimps the chances of reaching businesses that I need to talk to. Especially those that close at 5 pm – EST. Next week looks much more promising, but I can’t wait much longer. Balls need to start rolling, but I need information first! I really need to get cracking on dehydrating food as well, and now that the weather is nice enough, I can set up the little propane stove on the glass patio table and practice with it a bit – as well as with the skill of packing and unpacking a backpack efficiently. (Not at the same time.)



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