Day 52: T-49 days

12lb daypack, 6 miles round trip, 3.5 hours. The trail was very sloppy in many spots – a lot of soft, clayey mud, and patches where there was still snow and ice. The pace wasn’t great, but I wasn’t trying for a fast pace. It was a good trial run for how the boots hold up on longer distances. They pinched my little toes, and my right big toe wasn’t very happy either…. BUT NO BLISTERS!

Next Sunday, the bro and I will try again. There is a place along the Wabash Trail we were on that is called “Margaritaville”; a nice little rest area far from any roads that has some picnic benches and a portapotty; on Thursday nights, bicyclists gather there to party. Tom and I always carry a beer apiece when we set out for Margaritaville – it is 5.5 miles from the place we pick up the trail.

The beer went undrunk this trip. It will not be so forever.

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