Day 57: T-44 days

Song of the night: Here I Go Again
wo words of the night: Lemon Beer

The boots arrived today! Two pairs of Merrells, identical except for sizes. One pair of Keens. I tried them all on – wearing one new boot from each pair on my left foot, and one boot from the pair of boots that proved too tight on my right foot, for comparison. It may have looked silly, but it was effective. I settled on the Keens, because they have a wide toe box, and apparently, I have a notably wide foot. The other two pairs will go back.

Some work done on non trail-related projects, but not much else to speak of tonight.

Except… the lemon beer from Wisconsin is very strong. Hoo boy.

(NB, I don’t watch the videos on these things, just listen to the music. So apologies if it is inappropriate)

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