Day 64: T-37 days

ATSioneva has returned, drooping and repentant, having been wickedly seduced by a piece of (fallen-)angel food cake with cherries for dessert. This (fallen-)angel food cake led to an alarmingly high spike in blood sugar, which in turn led to a loooong walk without the pack for once.

It was a great night for walking, and it felt so freeing to be unladen for a change, I ended up out there for an hour, and somewhere between 3.5 and 4 miles. I would have kept going longer, but I had laundry to throw into the dryer, and I was starting to get damp and chilly under the windbreaker. I saw the stars!

My bed… my bed is buried in books again. One box done today, but not finished yet. Talk about seducing, angel food cake has NOTHING on a good book…

And sitting in my email now are the forms I need to fill out for my official out-processing on April 1. This weekend will be paperwork and medical-bill pay weekend.
And spaghetti in Goehner, NE, on Sunday. Yearly tradition.


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