Day 67: T-34 Days

Tonight was one of those… “what the heck am I doing” nights. I am still feeling extremely fat and bloated from the spaghetti feed yesterday, my blood sugar is going all over the place, high, then low, than high, and on cue a burst of guilt over taking off to go do my own thing and leaving Dad behind. My brother managed to talk me out of that one though. I’m getting behind on exercise/training though, so that’s one more thing to beat myself up over. I’m tired of beating myself up. I don’t think I’ll bother this time. I’ll just restart where I left off tomorrow. The wind’s rising out there; could be a storm coming. No walking tonight.

More trail related thingies… some of the packed boxes have made it out to the garage I am renting, and more will follow tomorrow. All things machine revolted against me today at work, and the fax machine was incredibly determined to eat my five page student loan deferral fax in one big gulp; I had to extract it from the thing’s jaws – TWICE. Also some dried cranberries entered the house roughly two hours after the boxes left. I believe they originated with some guy called “Trader Joe”; they will go well to mix into oatmeal packets.

Meant to get some webwork done tonight, but you know, there was this Trader Joe guy, and a trip to a fish market for something out of the ordinary, and I got Boggled a lot, and then the evening was gone… And I still feel fat and bloated! Argh!

Sometimes it feels like, though I’m trying to keep my eye on the ball, there are too many balls and not enough eyes. I need to reorganize and regroup.


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