Day 78: T-23 days

Part of the preparation for the trip is making sure the Dad will be okay while I’m gone. That includes him being prepared for my absence… So I ended up at Bingo with him tonight to spend time with him. He enjoyed that.

And maybe it was for the best, this weekend will be a frenzy of boxing and moving stuff. Tomorrow the bro and I rent a uhaul van tyo empty out his place and move stuff temporarily into the garage, then I finish packing up my stuff, and his stuff and my stuff swap places… Oh, yes, and a celebration dinner for his new job!

I have a kind friend with a Sam’s Club membership (I let mine lapse), so he is picking up two huge bags of my favorite trail mix for me. I foresee much more portion bagging in the future. Also, I need to make 3lbs of beef jerky, I love that supermarkets will slice the meat thin and into strips for you, it saves so much time and effort!

Okay, tonight was a double shot of chocolate vodka to ground out a long work week, so I will say…


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