Day 79: T-22 days

Well, I did say it would be a busy day. It was. Half the day was spent boxing and cleaning at my place; an hour for prayer; a nap; and then helping out the brother with some of HIS stuff. We were going to rent a Uhaul and bring all the stuff over here, but it was closed today. How dare it be! So he’ll do that Tuesday…. gives me a bit of extra time for my own stuff. The room looks considerably different already though!

Tomorrow… oh, I have no idea what I will do tomorrow. More packing, I guess. I am pretty close to done on the genealogy project, so I might try to finish it up tomorrow. If only my ancestors didn’t have so many children – the next group sheet I need to tackle, they had 13 children! Oatmeal packets to fill, too. Quiet, non-stressful preparation-chores for a Sunday.

The weather today was bizarre. If it was supposed to be some kind of sign, I’m not getting it.


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