Day 87: T-14 days

Song of the day: God’s Not Dead – Happy Easter!

Some frustration today, trying to rearrange the pack. I’m usually pretty good at packing stuff efficiently, but the backpack is a whole other beast! May be trying to fit too much into it as well, and further organization and pairing of like things is required. So I will work on that tonight. All the clothes in one bag (wrinkles are the least of my worries out there), cookpot/stove/Bic in another, assemble a small, but adequate first aid kit, figure out where to stick the tent poles (no, don’t go there), small necessities that will go in the top of the pack so they are easy to reach.

Look up there. 14 days. Two weeks. One week left at work. Help. What am I doing again, and why?  This may require liberal amounts of beer to contemplate.


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One thought on “Day 87: T-14 days

  1. Alice Read

    I hope you had a nice Easter. We had lamb and asparagus.


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