Hiatus Day 4

Gah! Sunburn! I’m a pink!

Oh well. Small price to pay for an enjoyable day… I spent a good six hours darting from one museum to another on the National Mall – Holocaust Memorial Museum, American History, Art. I barely scratched the surface on any of them, but they all made an impact. Plus I took the tour at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, and watched money literally being made before my eyes! I was so sad they didn’t offer free samples at the end though, most tours do.

Still coughing, still congested, but getting there. After I got back, one of my nieces and I went for a walk. Her parents may never forgive me… I told her about geocaching, and she’s all excited. I got her father’s permission to take her and at least one of her sisters to a nearby park tomorrow after school that has a couple caches. Nice to be up and about again, and to spend some time with them.

Dentist again tomorrow, yay. So I can have sunburn, numb face, coughing, sneezing, AND congestion all at once! Man, how did I get to be so lucky? At least my voice is mostly back.

Well, ciao for tonight!

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