Hiatus Day 6

Arrival. I have a bunk. Stretched out on it right now. I stuck a pin in the map to indicate Nebraskaness. Once my stomach settles, I shall eat – that hill is still murder. Easier today than a week ago though.

And now back from dinner, with a stomach full of ziti. Six of us went out to eat, there are about 15 at the hostel right now. This is going to be very very cool! Scored a tube of sunscreen from the hiker box of giveaways – 50 spf! Exactly what I needed.

Words can’t express the coolness factor right now. This is perfect. Yeah!

BTW, the trail name Ziptie seems to be a huge hit. 🙂

Ciao for tonight!

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3 thoughts on “Hiatus Day 6

  1. Huntnhawg

    To them you my be Ziptie, but to us you are Little Zippie! Have and be safe. We are with you in spirit! Live our dream for us!


  2. Marc

    Little zippie does have a ring to it


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