Trail Notes – April 21 & 22

So I sez to Velcro, I sez, “I’ll go see if River Rat and Morning Song want to come with us and Stumblefoot to find some dinner around 6 p.m.”

Ah, couldn’t post yesterday, the phone battery died. So today May well be a longer one to make up for it.

Yesterday was all about the ups and the downs. It was only a 5.5 mile day, but I had multiple reasons for stopping early, mostly logistical. There was a lot of downs, but even steeper ups, and I really don’t think I would have made it without a makeshift walking stick I found in the woods, and used for two days. With the stick though, I did a lot better… I will do best of all with hiking poles.

Rain threatened last night and today, so I was lucky to arrive at the shelter early, because,  camper sardines. It was a two level shelter, every spot was filled, someone slept on the porch, and people still had to tent… I managed not to step on anyone on a late night visit to the privy. And after all that, It didn’t even rain until after daybreak.

Interlude. Let’s have a quick note about the privies. Some have doors. Some give you views of beautiful vistas, but no doors. Everyone is careful and polite though.

Today, only five miles. A lot of us planned to stay in Waynesboro, PA tonight and tomorrow, so we hiked to Pen-Mar County Park to get rides/shuttles.

Technically, I am still two miles shy of PA, in hiking terms. But I am at a Days Inn right now… A vast change from the rock maze I found myself in earlier. I actually lost the trail and had to retrace my steps uphill to find it again. I also slumped on water, because I was in such a hurry to get to the park, and I could feel early warnings of leg cramps. I will not do that again.

Anyway, once I reached town, there were still chores – food resupply at Walmart, laundry, SHOWER. A looooong, hot shower, you have NO idea how good it felt. And, of course, a trip to Blue Ridge Summit PO, where, hiking poles! Resupply box! Combs and dehydrated strawberries! Ziptie is in seventh heaven!

Today was a hike and chores. Tomorrow will be a true zero day. Nothing is planned except Saturday vigil Mass. Sunday I will start back out again at the point I left off, and cross into Pennsylvania for real.

Interlude 2: The people are great. I hike alone during the day, I prefer solitude, but at the end of the hike each day, I generally see familiar faces, some of who I listed above. So that is social time. Everyone generally turns in pretty early, at dusk, but we are up with first light, and usually on our way by 8 am.

I am having a great time. I love this. I love the challenge, I love leaving zany notes in the shelter logbooks, I love feeling self-sufficient. Well, most of the time. Sometimes I just want to whine, “I’m tired, you do it.” but they are just as tired. 🙂 And I am getting stronger on the climbs, I can tell that.

Tonight, I stay.

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3 thoughts on “Trail Notes – April 21 & 22

  1. NevaP

    Loving these reports with details about life on the trail. Especially like the positive attitude
    at the conclusion of this one.


  2. cathystephens60

    Love this post! What a great time for you! I want to send you that Extra power supply for your phone if I mail by wed. what post office address would it go to?


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