Trail Notes – April 24

It was a milestony day!

  • Crossed the Mason-Dixon line
  • Finished the 41 miles of MD and started the 230 miles of PA
  • First day with total mileage over 10 miles (including a 900 ft elevation gain at the end. Legs complained.)
  • First day hiking with hiking poles, and oh my good Lord, did they ever matter!!! The difference is amazing!
  • First day solo camping away from shelters. My attempt at hanging a bear bag is pathetic, but I will get better. At least the food stuffs are up elevated and not near my tent. At this point, almost too tired to care if a bear gets my Oreos.

I will have to be careful tomorrow with water – this stretch of trail doesn’t have many water sources. Tonight’s meal was pita pockets, a salmon packet, and a tuna packet. Tomorrow’s breakfast likewise will be non-cooking – oatmeal squares or breakfast bars or something.

I’m currently camped up by Chimney Rocks in PA, a few miles south of South Mountain, PA. I am very tired, but pleased that I made the extra effort to climb up here tonight – the view is easterly, so sunrise should be great. Plus, now I only have to walk 10.8 miles tomorrow on fairly level ground, instead of 12.2 miles with that killer climb at the beginning.

Just tired. But still smiling.

I hike on.

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2 thoughts on “Trail Notes – April 24

  1. Scott Pachunka

    You Go Girl!


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