Trail Notes – April 28

Oh, people.

When I signed up for this, I signed up for the whole package. Which includes six mile treks in the pouring rain. I prepared for this, by wearing rain pants and triple layers on top – shirt, fleece jacket, windbreaker. I thought the windbreaker was waterproof – nope. The fleece got soaked, but still gave plenty of warmth – I was not cold, just wet and miserable. I reached the shelter and changed, everything is hung up to dry. I am cold now, and have crawled into my sleeping bag to warm up. It is still pouring rain out there, I hope it stops before morning. 8 miles to the next shelter. And then Boiling Springs on Saturday. Just 4 miles there.

Believes I that I will visit the outfitter at Boiling Springs and get some better raingear, send this stupid windbreaker home. My maps were in a pocket, and are currently spread out to dry. Like everything else!

I could really use an Irish coffee right now.

I hike on.

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