Trail Notes – April 30

My left foot is still a bit numb and tingly from the massive push I made yesterday. I am going to have to be kinder to it in the future, until it recovers.

Today was largely resupply, purchasing better rain gear, and reaching some decisions about gear. The windbreaker, the nylon rain pants, and the pump water filter and I are going to part ways. The former two are just not keeping me dry – either they lock in sweat, or they don’t keep the rain out, or both. I purchased new rain jacket and pants that are supposed to be waterproof, but breathable. We shall see. The water filter is just annoying, heavy, and clumsy to use. I have water purification drops and tablets that weigh a fraction of what the pump filter does, and are easier to use. The only drawback is that they take a couple hours to work, so I will have to adapt to that as well.

Today was also about playing tourist – Morning Song has a friend attending nearby Dickinson College in Carlisle, so he was willing to shuttle us around, plus give is a tour of the college. It was actually founded by Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration, and the buildings are lovely and very old. A Greek salad and Greek lemon chicken soup made a wonderful lunch, but hiker hunger has definitely kicked in, because I rarely stay full for more than two hours, but I am hungry again!

Heavy rains are forecast for this area tomorrow morning and again tomorrow night, but I think a second zero will drive me stircrazy. The next shelter is 15 miles… Not seeing that happening tomorrow, but the trail does intersect the Carlisle road in about 8 miles, at a point only half a mile from a motel. I will test my speed (the land is very flat at this point) and the new raingear, and try to make the 8 miles between storms, without stressing my feet too much. I want my left foot to recover.

Which means tonight I have to sort through and package the next five or six days of food… I picked up a couple packages at the post office today, so I actually have too much food. At least I won’t have to try to hang a bear bag tomorrow!

I hike on.

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