Trail Notes – May 3

Mud, fields, steep mountain, rocks, rocks, ROCKS. The last two days have spoiled me, but today, the rocks returned with a vengeance. Another day, maybe two, and I will be in the rock fields that give Rocksylvania it’s name… Yes, I will take pictures.

The shelter I am staying at tonight has had a porcupine problem in the past. Apparently they like to party in the shelter. Needless to say, I picked an upper bunk tonight.

Tomorrow – 4 miles into Duncannon. Mail pickup, then a beer at the Doyle, a famous hiker hangout. Then 4 more miles to the next shelter on the other side. I will cross the Susquehanna River tomorrow. Someone may have to physically move me across. I hate bridges.

Getting about time to boil the water for dinner. The sun actually came out about an hour ago! Very nice to see it again. My feet hurt a lot. I will sleep well tonight.

I hike on.

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2 thoughts on “Trail Notes – May 3

  1. Carol Ejekwu

    Have you tried a salt soak for your feet?


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