Trail Notes – May 14

To cover today briefly – it was rocky, it rained on me, and I only did about six miles. It’s still chilly and damp. Pennsylvania will be remembered for being miserably wet and horribly rocky.

But let’s talk about more pleasant things. Let’s talk about the utter gem of a hostel called “Rock and Sole”, run by Craig and Jodi. It’s a shed and breakfast! Just opened two months ago, when I arrived, he had one handmade bunk bed in what used to be his shed, plus two cots. He finished and added another bunk bed the second day I was there. There was a hot water outdoor shower, a privy with an RV-type commode, an area for campfire down by the river, and breakfasts and suppers cooked by Jodi, which surpassed anything in a restaurant. It had everything, and for only $35 a night! They and their son Chase would do shuttles all over the area, too, for a very reasonable rate per mile.

I stayed three nights – they picked me up from the trailhead at PA 183. The next day, Thursday, I borrowed a daypack and he dropped me off in Port Clinton, I hiked 15 miles back to the same trailhead. Even slackpacking, it was a loooong day.

Yesterday, Friday, was a true zero day. Morning Song and I both had some stuff to do at the bank, so we took care of that, then toured the Yuengling brewery. Very cool tour, I do have pictures. We grabbed a late lunch after (hiker hunger), and Chase shuttled us back to the hostel in time for dinner. The Wannabes had arrived, and it was great to see them again! I think last time was in Waynesboro.

I really didn’t want to leave, but all good things must come to an end… Back to Port Clinton/Hamburg this morning to shop at supposedly the largest Cabela’s in the US. Maybe, but their selection of insoles was pathetic. I did replace my heavy, too-large waterproof food bag with a more appropriately sized one. Then Craig dropped me off at the trailhead in Port Clinton and I started going north again.

I never did get in the zone today. Maybe the distance was too short, maybe it was the rain, who knows. I got here about 5:00. Two others in the shelter, but people keep showing up, then going off to tent. I will do that tomorrow, it is warmer in a tent, and temps tomorrow night are supposed to be in the high 30’s. Brrrr.

10 miles tomorrow.

I hike on.

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