Trail Notes – May 15

I miss my hiking partners. I hope Morning Song and Survivor catch up quickly. I don’t know anyone at the shelter tonight… Made it to the Ecksville Shelter, which oddly enough is a shed in someone’s backyard. With bunks. And the magic words “flush toilet”.  Plus it is fully enclosed – more on that later.

It was a 9.1 mile day today. It was also supposed to be cool and sunny. Well, it was cool and sunny sometimes; it was often cool and rainy, of course; and for variety, I guess, it was cool and hailing, about five times. Or maybe snowing. Little ice balls bouncing everywhere. Of course, I was up in the rocks during that time.

Tonight the weather is supposed to be rainy and drop into the thirties. I am glad that this shed is not open to the elements, but it is concrete, so I will be layering up anyway.

I had a major chocolate craving when I got here. Fortunately, I was majorly chocolated… Two Andes mints, a mini-Snickers, and other bits and pieces satisfied the craving. For now.

Ziptie is very discombulated right now. Somehow I left or lost the maps for the sections of trail between the next three shelters, showing water sources, distances, and notable landmarks. I like knowing  where I am at any given time. I can work out shelter distances easily enough from other pages, but… I’ll scour the pack, maybe I just mispacked this morning.

I hike on.

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