Trail Notes – May 27

Compared to yesterday, a short, uneventful day today. Only 5.8 miles, and I was lucky to make it to a shelter before the thunderstorms and downpours began. Morning Song did not, and got wet – he slept in, I did not. We ended up staying, and sharing a bottle of blackberry brandy with some other hikers. There are days for serious hiking and days for being social. Today was definitely a social day.

I have noticed that my stomach has become concave when I lie down, not convex. I like this. I have also noticed that my feet have increased in size. I do not like this, since my toes feel cramped and frequently hit the toebox, particularly on the downhill. Pennsylvania tore these boots up pretty good anyway, so I needed to buy new boots in any case, so I will just order up a half-size.

Reception is pretty bad, so that is all I have to say tonight! 12 miles and hopefully a shower tomorrow…

I hike on.

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