Trail Notes – June 1

Unexpected zero day! But one of the best, if not the best.

After helping vacuum the hostel as my self-assigned chore, I caught a ride back to the State Park. My plan was to set up the tent at the shelter, sleep a bit, and then hike five or six miles and stealth-camp along the trail.

Well… I didn’t sleep very well last night, for some reason my feet were hurting, so once my head hit the stuff-sack full of clothes, I was out like a headlamp. I slept a good three hours, at least, it was so shaded, but free, and cool. I knew Morning Song would be coming about an hour later, so I just decided to stay put. Best zero day ever. No scurrying around a town doing laundry, resupply, or post office, no spending money, just lying still and relaxing. My feet needed the break, too.

There’s about six other hikers clustered at the picnic table nearby, Morning Song went to get water, and I am again relaxing in my tent. Predictable, no? Even when I don’t feel social, I like listening.

Tomorrow we start cranking out miles again, 12, 14, 8.5, then the far side of Fort Montgomery, NY. The post office will be closed Sunday, of course, so we’ll camp a few miles away, and catch a ride into town to get my packages on Monday. It’s about 120 miles to Kent, CT, where Morning Song leaves the trail. That will be my next full zero – approx. 10 days.

It was a very peaceful day.

I hike on.

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