Trail Notes – June 19

Not much trail was covered today! I tackled Mt. Everett, after a “I know I should get going, but I don’t want to” interlude in the tent. The south side was very taconic (see yesterday’s definition); scrambling up and over great mounds of rock. The north side… Ah, me, the north side had the luxury of an actual path, a dirt and stone path that made for supremely easy traversal by comparison! It must be the side locals use to climb the mountain, because it led down to an area with a gravel road, a privy, and picnic tables with Coleman cooler-type water containers from kind trail angel Dottie! Thank you, Dottie!

There are a pair of shelters .4 miles from the picnic area; the first is called “the Hemlocks”. This is where I am now. I reached it at 11 am, struggling with a diarrhea issue, and ready to sit down, cook lunch, and take a nap before moving on – this is a new, lovely shelter among… hemlocks!

I took some Imodium, was glad to realize I was hungry, ate a cooked lunch, and slept for 2 hours. It’s 2 pm, and I just downloaded a new book, so I think I’ll be staying tonight. I feel better though! Tomorrow, if I don’t post, I probably drained all the battery reading, but know that it will have been worth it! I should pass mile 500 tomorrow. I hope.

Unexpected nearos happen.

I hike on!

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