Trail Notes – June 25

I’ll first note that yesterday night was very Pavlovian. My sister in law was messaging me all the great things I can expect when I reach their house, including a maple cream pie, and my head was nodding like sixty, while the salivating glands were working overtime, and then some! Indeed, I am well motivated!

Today, though, was the short day. The nearo. I made it to Cheshire, four mile trek, around 10:15; I was not hurrying. Picked up my maildrop, and lo and behold! Chocolate and peppermint schnapps from Morning Song! From the bro, the hiking poles I had left at home by accident – sorry, Neva, but after 550 miles, I had to replace the ones you got me. They served me well though!

The hostel at the Catholic Church in Cheshire is pretty basic, but very welcome! I was able to attend Saturday vigil Mass, and I can’t express how good THAT felt! The poor priest had a sinus infection AND bronchitis, I’m surprised he was able to celebrate Mass at all! Before Mass though, I hit the outfitter in the next town over, bought some odds and ends I needed – more water purification tablets, toilet paper, stuff like that.

And I ate. I ate a lot. Lunch was at a Dunkin Donuts – yes, I got something more substantial than donuts. Dinner was at a restaurant about half a mile walk down a bike path, where I discovered a lovely view of the Hoosic River, some wonderful clam chowda, and the definition of the word ‘amble’.

You see, I’d almost forgotten how it felt to just amble along, unencumbered, no hiking poles, just taking my time and no rush. It felt… Great, actually!

Tomorrow will be only 10 miles, unless I get ambitious, but with a long climb from 990 feet or so, to 3490 or so. Once I crest Mt. Greylock, the shelter is only 3 miles further, but down a steep descent; if I do feel ambitious, I can continue all the way down to the Williamstown/North Adams road at the bottom, but then I’d have to spend money – there are no hostels. Just expensive motels.

Planning to be up bright and early tomorrow, and out quickly, though I may stop at the Dunkin Donuts again in the way out of town, it is only .2 from the trail. And I am hungry.

I hike on.

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One thought on “Trail Notes – June 25

  1. Neva Pruess

    I’m glad the hiking poles lasted as long as needed. I suspected they would not do 2000+ miles.

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