Trail Notes – July 2

I am ashamed. I call myself a hiker, but I cannot even finish a single pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. I think I got halfway… I am getting ahead of myself.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day for hiking, and since I had only 10 miles to go and a reservation at a hostel, I took my time. The storms last night dropped the temp to a comfortable level, and there was a constant cool breeze to keep the bugs down. I wore my warmer pants and my rain jacket.

I really did take my time today; there was a lot of mud on the trail, often standing water, and picking my way around was a bit of a challenge. Wet rocks are okay to step on. Wet roots, never. Too slippery and treacherous! I didn’t fall today though.

About the 7.5 mile mark, I stopped at Spruce Peak Shelter, which was an unexpectedly unique shelter; it was completely enclosed, with a sliding door, instead of having one open side, and inside was a functioning wood stove, and a table, in addition to the bunks. It also had a nice porch, with sun streaming down, and I pulled off my boots and socks, lay on the porch in the sun, and had a great hour long rest. It did my feet a lot of good; the remaining 2.8 miles were much much easier and my feet tingled for at least an hour.

So I made it to the trailhead parking lot about 4.5 miles out of Manchester Center; and asking around secured me a ride into town. I pigged out at McDonald’s, but I was HUNGRY! Then picked up a few good items at Price Chopper, but really, I only need enough to get me to Rutland in 3 days hiking, so I don’t need to carry a lot.

And now, I am resting on the bed assigned me at the hostel. A free pint of Ben & Jerry’s was included, but like I said, I could not finish it, alas. The kitchen downstairs is stocked with basic materials for breakfast, and it is make your own breakfast, so tomorrow I will make pancakes for everyone, before being shuttled back to the trail at 8 am.

Tomorrow I will try for 15 miles, but two 3000+ mountains lie between me and Lost Pond Shelter -Bromley and Peru; I will see how I feel and what time it is when I reach Peru Peak Shelter, 10 miles out. I have some flexibility with shelters, mercifully.

It’s getting very late. I must sleep.

I hike on!

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