Trail Notes – July 19

I am very melancholy. Also, very amused.

You see, I have left Vermont for New Hampshire. But the majority of my clothes did not. Most of my clothes, in the clothes bag, are in the trunk of Trailmouse’s rental car, headed for Burlington, and potentially points south. Tomorrow’s resupply in Hanover will include some cheap clothes shopping as well; it’s just as well I am only planning on a 10 mile day in easy-looking terrain tomorrow, because getting out of town before noon may be problematical.

Me, I will miss Vermont. The last two or three days of hiking have been incredibly beautiful, through forests of pine and hemlock, open meadows, tallgrass meadows full of flowers. In the tall pines and hemlocks, the cathedral feeling is there – the trees block the sunlight, so there is very little undergrowth, just tree trunks in seeming rows. The weather, too, has been perfect. Sunlight and breezes, humid, but not overwhelming hot. The miles flew by, especially when slackpacking.

Tonight I am staying at the Tigger’s Treehouse hostel – they have two small RVs outside that they put hikers up in. I have “the tank”; the other hiker has “the tepee”. This is going to be fun! Enjoying a Long Trail Ale tonight to salute Vermont. The shower – oh, the shower! It was sublime! Feeling relaxed and very mellow. My hike is back on track, and I can still crank out 14+ mile days, so all is well.

Tomorrow I will begin hiking my ninth state. Two more to go in this northern section. Just two, but the hardest two. The is going to be a challenge!

I hike on.

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