Trail Notes – July 21-23 (cont)

So, clam chowder. Was that where I left off?

After dinner, we watched a short Discovery video on sugaring that this couple had helped create, which took me back to grade school field trips to maple sugar farms. Then it was off to bed – a real bed! With a pillow and sheets!

July 23:

Pancakes, bacon, juice and coffee. What an excellent way to start the day… with made-right-here maple syrup for the pancakes. I’d left my sweaty clothes on the clothesline to dry, and of course it rained overnight, but Toni was kind enough to put them in the dryer. I left with a bag of dry clothes, instead of sopping wet. She also made us each a lunch to take with us – peanut butter on cinnamon bread, and an orange. Very kind people!

Today was probably the last easy day for a long time; 10 miles, and the terrain was not hard. I had to climb Mt. Mist, but at 2200 feet, I was at the top before I knew it, and a good thing, too; I kept hearing thunder, though I was hiking in bright sunlight. I did put my pack cover on, though.

And then, down the final hill to the road, and what’s this? A canopy? With chairs? A very kind couple was doing trail magic, and then some! Sloppy Joes, chicken salad, Brie cheese and crackers, fresh veggies, chips, soda, Oreos, homemade lemon-blueberry bars, homemade gingerbread… the list goes on. Hikers gathered like bees, there were at least six of us, including the father and daughter from Smarts Mountain. Eating was a great pleasure!

Dark clouds also started to gather, however, and we all made a break for it. Some, like me, made for the hostel .3 miles up the road, some headed for the shelter 2 miles uptrail. We made it before the storm broke, but just barely; they did not.

The Hikers Welcome Hostel is known as a party place, but I think we disappointed the hosts, because no one was partying, even though it was a Saturday night. When I went by the main room about 8:30, it was pretty empty. It is a good place though – there are bunks a floor above the main room, and they just expanded a barn and put a lot of bunks in there as well, for those who like it quieter. I am in the barn. The place also has a flush toilet – YAY! – and a hot outdoor shower. Plus laundry facilities.

Everyone may have turned in early tonight because Mt. Moosilauke is looming on the horizon. Literally. We will climb this 5000 foot mountain in the morning. And then the next day… I get to see Morning Song again! If I can get messaging to work enough to coordinate with him – I still have no reception, I am using Wi-Fi at the moment. So, MS, if you are reading this, text me details! I will be at the NH 112 road crossing 5 miles out of Lincoln, at whatever time we decide. And I have a maildrop in North Woodstock I need to pick up.

I’m hungry. I’m typing at 2:30 am. Why?

I hike on.

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