Trail Notes – July 29 (Lincoln, NH)


The mind was willing, (sort of), but the body was bonetired, and thus the only miles today were town miles. But it was a seriously needed respite. It really was.

I took the chance to switch up some of my clothing – I sent home some gear I didn’t need, including my yellow flipflop T-shirt, and purchased a long sleeved, lightweight, quick-drying shirt. The past few days I have been having issues with sunburned arms, reactions to sunscreen, and incredible itchiness on the arms, to the point of insanity. This shirt will provide UPF protection and help alleviate the problem. I also bought another pair of wool socks.

And beer. And food.

There is a campfire tonight with smores ingredients, but I limited myself to two marshmallows.  I will definitely be hitting the trail again tomorrow, I am feeling that restlessness building again. This is a great hostel, overflowing with great people, but it’s time to move on. Franconia Ridge awaits.

And I have clean socks. What more can anyone ask?

I hike on!

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