Trail Notes – August 20 (Andover, ME)


Yes, I know, I took a shelter zero only a few days ago, but that was on account of weather. This one was on account of having had little sleep last night – my foot just would not stop cramping, no matter what I did – rub it, walk around (at 2 am), whatever, it kept me up most of the night. When I nearly fell asleep in the maple syrup at breakfast, even after 3 cups of coffee, I knew that taking a zero was probably a good idea.

I read some today, resupplied, watched Apollo 13 – sorry to report that the spacecraft did indeed hit the iceberg again, but everyone survived, even the shark. Rested up.

I was considering – still am considering – slackpacking tomorrow, but it would be more expensive than I expected, with cost of shuttle, food, night stay, etc, so I very well may not. I have packed up my backpack again, just in case. I think, with the resupply, I have enough food to last until Rangeley, 60 miles north.

I will probably make the final decision on the morning. I’m told I shouldn’t fret too much about Baldpate Mountain, that I’ve been over worse. I hope they are right! I will tackle it tomorrow, in predicted good weather; Monday it is supposed to rain, but not tomorrow. And once I get past Andover, the trail gets easier, if not easy.

We will see.

I hike on!

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