How far do I hike on? (Informal poll)

Someone who’s opinion matters has been suggesting I call it a hike after Katahdin. I’m not on board with that, but it kicked some gears loose, and so I am putting out an opinion poll.

If you were me, would you:

  1. Hike until Katahdin and call it a hike?
  2. Finish Maine, go back to Harper’s Ferry and hike until the money in the trip account runs out?
  3. Same as #2, except tap into savings when the money runs out, and keep going?
  4. Same as #2, except beg everyone shamelessly for money, aka a gohikeme appeal?
  5. Hike until October 31 and call it a hike, wherever I am?
  6. Other – fill in the blank.

Please respond with a number and any reasoning you want to add! Eagerly awaiting results. šŸ™‚

Thank you! I hike on!

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15 thoughts on “How far do I hike on? (Informal poll)

  1. gorn11

    #6. You’ll always regret it and it will feel unfinished if you don’t complete the trail. As long as Dad/brother are ok too–what’s an extra few more months in the grand scheme of it all? And yes, savings are important, but God always provides. Besides, I’ve been meaning to send you some cash anyway… Hike on!!


  2. gorn11

    Clarification #6 I’m suggesting is Continue the hike for as long as it takes utilizing a combination of personal and gohikeme funds!


  3. Craig D Hipsher

    Option 3

    Keeping in mind the standard advice that you must “hike your own hike” etc., I can only say what I might try to do myself. I guess you can then add it to your data when making your decision.

    I would probably go “all in” and try to finish the hike. At the same time I hesitate to give any advice when I have not done it and am not there with you. A huge undertaking like this (and the motivations / needs behind it) tend to evolve as you experience them. You will know it if you have done enough!

    PS I would possibly also go with option 4, but I would be afraid of my reaction if friends and family couldn’t help as much as I need. Then again there would also be the opportunity for friends and family to help beyond my wildest dreams. Might be worth the risk!


  4. Hollman

    3, unless your only savings is in your retirement account, then 2


  5. Neva Pruess

    Option 4 or maybe It’s 6. Keep going as long as your family are OK with it. I know I am not the only one back here in Nebraska who is ready to kick in with funding help. It was mentioned at the event last weekend. I can contribute quite a lot. And I’m not the only one who will be disappointed if you stop at Katahdin. After New Hampshire and Maine the south half looks like “a walk in the woods”. I think the Georgia part is accessible into winter.
    KEEP HIKING! (And log a cache now and then. Your profile says you don’t have any in Maine)


  6. Lori Varsames

    Option 4! When I think of all the silly crowd sourcing schemes I’ve been hooked into, I want to cringe. This is the kind of odyssey I’d rather give money for. You’ve worked hard, but I can tell you’re not “done” yet. Continuing the journey is worth the ask!


  7. Mary

    6. Go to Hawaii…cause it’s Hawaii
    Seriously go as long as you can then congratulate yourself for your accomplishment.


  8. Marilyn Rowan

    I believe it depends on what your heart is telling you.How much will you regret not finishing the hike if that is your choice?


  9. Beverly. Wanna B

    You know my vote.


  10. Bryan

    You have to do what you need to do. None of us know the situation as well as you. With that said, don’t let regret haunt the rest of your life. Make sure you will ultimately leave the trail with no regrets.


  11. Ginny

    Hmmm, that’s a tough one since I’ve never done the trail !!! Go with your heart. You are doing so well even through the hard times!


  12. Dulce-Joy

    Try to finish the whole thing. If you don’t, you’ll always wonder “what if?”.
    And then take all your journal entries that you’ve written on here and write a book to recoup cost! Good luck on whatever you decide!

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