Trail Notes – September 3 (Pleasant Pond Mt., Middle Mt.)

From yesterday’s breakfast to today’s, I ate so much! Today the hostel served French toast, blueberries, bananas, home fries, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, muffins, and excellent coffee! Fueled up and ready to go, I was on the trail by 8 am.

About the first 5 miles of trail – if all of Maine were like it, I would never want to leave! It literally was just a walk in the woods, some roots, but nothing major, very gentle incline… I did 6 miles in 3 hours, which is amazingly fast, at least for me lately!

Pleasant Pond Mt. slowed me down some – not a very big or high mountain, but the path spiraled seeming endlessly before reaching the top. Middle Mt. was just an afterthought. 

I’d originally only planned to do about 12 miles, but I made such great time early on, it was only 4:30 when I hit the camping spots at Moxie Pond I was aiming for. Too early to stop! So I pushed on another 2.8 miles, to the tenting area just before the next shelter. 

Arriving at 6, plenty of time to set up the tent and cook a hot meal. Predictably, I am still hungry, of course. There is a brook chuckling to itself about thirty yards away, a very cheerful sound. I’m glad I made the decision to push on… Monson was 37 miles away, now only 22;  if I can do another 15 tomorrow, and the elevation map is in my favor on that possibility, I can do both a nearo on Monday and a zero on Tuesday in Monson, before hitting the 100 mile wilderness. I do need a day off, I will have hiked non-stop Andover-Rangeley-Caratunk-Monson, each of those towns being about 37 miles apart, so about 111 miles without a break. My feet deserve a rest. 

It is chilly tonight, and very peaceful here. There are several others tenting – in fact, I may have been the last to.arrive, not sure. 

I cannot wait to get to Monson. I am very eager. 

I hike on!

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