Trail Notes – September 6 (Monson, ME)

I am Ziptie. And I smile.

Today I am amazed all over again by an amazing abundance of kindness and chocolate! Doug, NevaP, crkat, teamdaak, and Morning Song… Thank you so much!!! My friends are the very best and keep on giving!

Today was the zeroest of zero days, truly excellent and the break I sorely needed. A lot of resting and reading, a bit of raining, and some resupplying. I think I walked less than a mile, and that was only to get food and pick up packages.

I spent some time plotting out exactly how far I will walk each day between here and Katahdin, so I could pinpoint a good date and time to rendezvous with the Shaw’s employee who will be doing a food drop for me. My backpack cannot hold eight days of food, nor would I want to carry that much weight. Splitting it up into 5 and 3 days worth works better. 

The first 3 days into the 100 MW are the hardest, so I am planning only 10 miles for those days. After that I will increase to 14-15, and finish, with luck, in 8 days or less, sometime a week from Wednesday, I think. Ve vill see!

Very eager for tomorrow… This is it! The last push!

I hike on!

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