(Proposed on 29 September in the calendar year 2016 A.D. by Appalachian Trail thru-hiker Ziptie, alternately known as Elisabeth, Betsy, Sioneva, and Rocky. Passed by unanimous consent of the aforementioned thru-hiker on 1 October in the calendar year 2016 A.D. Amendments to said proposal will be taken out and shot at dawn.)


  1. That upon reaching the line of boundary between the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of Tennessee, that the aforementioned person shall cease to hike on for the calendar year 2016 A.D.
  2. That this boundary shall be reached and breached on or before 31 October in the calendar year 2016 A.D.
  3. That this boundary shall mark the 1724th mile traversed upon the Appalachian Trail by the aforementioned thru-hiker, leaving 465 miles undone.
  4. That any person present or future who might to celebrate this event in person should inform the aforementioned thru-hiker, and be ready to gather in the town of Damascus, VA, on or around this date. Costumes are optional
  5. That the aforementioned thru-hiker wishes to convey apologies to anyone, including herself, who may be disappointed or unhappy with a failure to reach the mountain in Georgia given the nomenclature “Springer Mountain”.
  6. That this shall not a “The End”, but rather a “To Be Continued”.
  7. That this resolution was written by a very strange person.
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7 thoughts on “Resolved:

  1. Bryan



  2. Dulce-Joy

    Good job!


  3. Tracy Utter

    Nothing to be disappointed about, hiking 1700+ miles in some rather adverse conditions, at times. You have done an amazing job, and we love reading your posts! Congrats on your accomplishment, even though you’re not quite done yet 🙂 )


  4. Ginny

    Great job!! You are amazing! We will continue to follow you!


  5. The motion has been seconded. The motion carries.
    Congrats Ziptie!


  6. Cindy

    Congratulations on the 1700+miles, what an accomplishment!


  7. Mrs Joy

    Too bad that you won’t get to see the Smokies this year, but they have uncertain weather at the best of times. I imagine late fall could be treacherous.


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