Trail Notes – October 7 (Calf Mountain Shelter – Waynesboro, VA)

Oh, people.

Last night, I was made aware that the shelter had a metal roof, because of the rain drumming insistently upon it. Eventually, I applied ear plugs and was able to sleep. 

Well, until just before 6 am. The German couple next to me in the shelter had very bright headlamps and were not particularly careful where they shone them… I think they woke all of us up – a very unpleasant way to wake up!

Darkness was reluctant to lift this morning, otherwise. 7 am and it was still thick. Eventually, it gave way to a very foggy, rainy day, and I eventually got under way about 8 am. 

Ask and you shall receive – just when I needed it, one of the gaps had a row of porta potties. Relief. Onwards! I startled several deer along the way, and vice versa – the path wound through meadows, but also many rocky stretches and steep uphills. It really made me work at it today!

7.5 miles, and I was at the Waynesboro trailhead; and voila, Spidey was there, who I last saw in Maine! We had a good chat and catching up before I called for a ride to the hostel. 

The usual town errands included a stop at the outfitters this time – somehow I left my Steripen behind somewhere, so I purchased a less expensive method of water purification. Also, a trip to the post office yielded two boxes, instead of the four I was hoping for. Since I was a few days early into Waynesboro, my tent and one box of food had not yet arrived. I will pick them up Tuesday when I come back through.

Tomorrow Mrs. Joy and I hike a three day chunk of trail northwards that will finish off the Shenandoah for me. Tonight we enjoyed a good dinner along with Danish section hiker Pointdexter. Good beer, too…

Loud movie playing in the background. I will try to sleep anyway. I am Ziptie.

I hike on.

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