Trail Notes – October 13 (Bee Mt., Three Ridges Mt., the Priest)

Oh, my. I have absolutely no idea what they put in that beer last night, but I was up every two hours to visit the portapotties. It was like Niagara Falls every time, too! It continued today, very aggravating. I would have much rather slept. I always keep a water bottle nearby at night to replenish – by morning, it was all but empty!

Ah, but the $5 hiker breakfast was something to sing of. Two strips of bacon, a melody of fresh fruit, a ham and spinach omelet, a biscuit with butter and jelly, and coffee. Absolutely incredible! They gave me a ride back to the trailhead as well, and then I began to hike, about 8:30.

And it was indeed a hike. I stopped often to text, probably too often – focus on the trail, not the phone, Ziptie, you are not out of the woods yet! But it alleviated a private worry that I was getting soft. 

Up Bee Mountain, but first I came across the campsite of some former thru-hikers, out section hiking, and we had a good chat. They convinced me not to take the shortcut blue trail, and I am glad they did! Bee Mt. was nothing special, really, but Three Ridges Mt. had some incredible views I would otherwise have missed! Very rocky though, particularly on the way down!

And then down to the Tye River, at 970 feet – a drop of over 2000 feet down. It is crossed by a suspension foot bridge that gave me a bit of vertigo. Hated that. Another 1.7 miles to a main highway, and then… The Priest. This is a major climb of 3100 feet, up to the tallest mountain in VA on the AT (iirc) at 4000 ft., stretched over 4.4 miles. A lot of switchbacks, a lot of climb, very rocky up near the top before it latches onto and follows the ridgeline. Still, I did not find it as bad as I had been told. I arrived at the shelter .4 miles past the summit about sundown.

As I came down from the summit, I could smell a campfire, and this made me very happy that I would not be alone like the last two nights. Four others are here – one sheltering, like me, the other three tenting. I opted to stay in the shelter tonight, the light was dying too quickly to both make dinner and set up the tent in daylight, and food took precedence. It was a great fire they had going, too, but I arrived too late for the marshmallows, alas. I consoled myself with a shot of Jameson’s. 

So I am lying in my sleeping bag tonight, and it is getting very cold out there. Here’s hoping I don’t have to get up a million times tonight! Tomorrow I plan on a 15-17 mile day, a lot of that will be ridgeline though, easy walking. I will tent again tomorrow night, most likely. 

I hike on!

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One thought on “Trail Notes – October 13 (Bee Mt., Three Ridges Mt., the Priest)

  1. Amy MrsJoy Forinash

    I’m not sure why people go on about the Priest. Maybe because it’s the biggest thing around for a while.


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