Post-Trail Notes – October 30 & 31 (Texas, Bellevue, NE)

Good evening and Happy Halloween!

I flew back into Omaha this morning, having had a 5:15 am flight out of Killeen… three hours of sleep last night!

Tomorrow I have to dive into financial matters, and start organizing/labeling pictures. Today I feel tired and disoriented, and not sure how I should feel, because this is it. This is the end of the journey. There’s nowhere else that I am travelling to; I’m not going to wake up tomorrow, or the next day, and go somewhere else. Though I plan a lot more steps in my life journey, they will be done from this base for the foreseeable future.

It’s really great to see my brother and father again. They survived my absence well! While Tom was still at work, Dad and I took a short walk. I would have walked longer on my own, but the discovery of today was that none of my shoes at home fit me at this point, my feet are still larger than they were, and my toes were very cramped in the sneakers. I will have to do something about that, cannot go everywhere in hiking boots or crocs. We ate out at Golden Corral, Tom’s treat, because La Mesa closed early on Halloween for some reason. I filled my plates with mostly veggies, but I still like how they make their steaks, so…

I’d forgotten how nice it can be to type on a full size keyboard as well. I have my tablet charging, and the Kindle is next in line. It’s just as well, because I accidentally dropped the Android on a tiled floor in Texas and now it has TWO shattered corners and three big cracks running through it. I think it is mad at me.

I live on!

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3 thoughts on “Post-Trail Notes – October 30 & 31 (Texas, Bellevue, NE)

  1. Mrs Joy

    Your feet likely will not return to their original size.


  2. Mrs Joy

    Things they don’t tell you about thruhiking.


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