Post-Trail Notes – November 27

Well, people.

I’m thinking this will be my last post on the blog for a while, unless something extraordinary happens. Tomorrow I start working again, and life completes a transition back to ‘normal’. Whatever ‘normal’ is.

Some final updates…

  • Thanks to a great suggestion from the Wannabes, I am committed to adding at least 300 words a day to the book I am working on. Right now, I am just interested in getting all the memories down on paper (computer?) – think of it as a much expanded version of the blog at this point, very matter of fact “this is what I did on this day, and here is where I ended up, and this is how it felt, in a nutshell”. Later, once I have all the memories down, then I will begin dressing it up and making it more interesting.
  • In the course of clearing space in the dresser drawers for new clothes coming in, I tried on a few pairs of my old pants for the heck of it. Wow. Let’s just say, there was room for me and a soccer ball. If I had a soccer ball to test it with, anyway, which I don’t.
  • Miserable and rainy/foggy out there. And the wind is kicking up. I don’t think we’re in summer anymore, Toto. But I have cocoa with peppermint twist Smirnoff. 🙂
  • All this health insurance paperwork and 401K paperwork to fill out yet.
  • I have the month of December to plan the trip out to Yellowstone next September. I can’t really make reservations until I have a firmer grasp of budget, and I don’t really know a lot yet, just that I don’t want to drive out there. Maybe a travel package, maybe fly and drive. Things have to be settled.
  • Any and all geocachers (and non-geocachers!) are welcome at the Omaholiday Pizza Party (GC6TF3F), on December 11, if you are inclined to make your way to Omaha. I’ve been hosting this for 10 years now, so this year will be both a milestone, and probably with a hiking subtheme.

Cheers, and bets of the season to each and all! Thank you for reading along!

Ziptie, signing off.
(But I live on!)

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4 thoughts on “Post-Trail Notes – November 27

  1. Carol

    What an adventure! Wow. I have enjoyed “hiking” along with you as I read your blog. I wish you the best of all things as you start back into the work and daily life schedule. Take care and congratulations!

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  2. Mary

    I second carol’s comment…I lived the trail vicariously from my soft couch

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  3. Ginny

    Thank you for your blog!! I truly enjoyed following along.
    Best wishes and congratulations! You Rock!!

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  4. Dulce-Joy

    Happy Holidays Ziptie! We’ll wait for your next excursion!

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