Storage Wars?

Just got to thinking tonight. It’s been a month and a half, and most all of my stuff is still sitting in storage. Practically the only things I have moved back out have been my bed and some official papers I needed. Everything else is still sitting in there, and not because they are hard to get to, it’s within 100 feet of the building.

I got so used to having as little on trail as possible, I got de-attached to things I didn’t absolutely need, or at least couldn’t fit in the pack. Now… I don’t know. I suspect most of the clothes will go to Goodwill, since they don’t fit me anymore anyway. The bookcases will eventually migrate back into the house, and when the books come back in, that will be an arduous challenge of how long I can sit in an uncomfortable position before my legs fall asleep. I tend to get lost in books that way.

The bike can stay out there until spring. I’ll get the tires pumped up, and actually begin using it – or get a new one, maybe.

I forget what else I have in there, but I have a feeling Goodwill, Free cycle, and Craigslist will benefit. If I can do without something for going on eight and a half months now, odds are I can continue doing without it.

Except the books.

Living on!

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2 thoughts on “Storage Wars?

  1. teamdaak

    Does the storage unit cost you anything? I had a storage unit for quite a while and I spent a lot of money to have it over the years. In the end, I gave almost everything away and gave it up because nothing was really of value. Even the sentimental value stuff was scrutinized and much determined to be not worth keeping in the end. There was stuff that would have been less expensive to rent when needed than to keep in storage. Just my story that may put your storage stuff in a different perspective.


    • It’s a rented garage unit that is temporarily not holding a car, so… not really. Once enough stuff departs, it will go back to holding a car.


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