January 1, 2016 – Day 1: T -100 Days

Welcome to my blog, and here we go!

I was told that the more and more you publicly talk about doing something in the future… the more likely you are to actually complete it.
So I will talk.

Three years ago, I started reading every book on hiking the Appalachian Trail that I could lay my hands on, and daydreaming “Maybe someday…”

Two years ago, “maybe someday…” advanced to the level of “in the next five years…”

Last year, somewhere along the way, “in the next five years…” became “next year – if I can save up  enough money…”. Logistics planning began. Gear was purchased. Many numbers were crunched. Test drying of various foodstuffs was experimented with. Numbers were recrunched. More books were purchased and read. Crunch, crunch, crunch. I had to make sure I had enough to support my father for six months while I was on trail, enough money to support ME for six months while I was on trail, plus some extra to support us both until I can start working again.

At this point, this year, ”next year – if I can save up  enough money…” has become “April 8, and I’m going for broke!” More gear will need to be purchased. A lot of training for walking with a full pack will be needed. Food will need to be prepared, trail logistics mapped out; I’ll have to learn how to use a compass with a map. Most important, I’ll have to really psych myself up mentally.

I will take the train to Harper’s Ferry, WV, the (psychological) halfway point on the AT, and hike north to Maine. After climbing Mt. Katahdin, the northern endpoint, I will fly back to Harpers Ferry and hike south, ending when I climb Mt. Springer in Georgia, the southern endpoint. I estimate it will take about 6 months. It will cover over 2100 miles. It will wend through 14 states. It will cost an estimated $5-6K. It will test my fear of heights to the n-th. I’ll be cold, wet, stormed on, cranky, tired, hungry, thirsty, discouraged.

I’ll have a great time. Come along with me and encourage me!

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One thought on “January 1, 2016 – Day 1: T -100 Days

  1. Beverly Flach

    Wow! I am even more impressed with the amazing Zip-tie now that I have read the entire journal. I wish I had put as much into preparation as you did. I will forgive myself though as I was on 24/7 call and working 50-60 hrs a week up until a month before leaving. I can see, however, why you are doing so much better than I.


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