Day 11: T -90 Days

Items crossed off the massive to-do list:

  • Buy crocs or similar
  • Talk to contracting company
  • Buy new boots (well, trail runners, in this case)

Yesterday, I Zappo’ed! One pair of crocs, and one pair of highly rated trail runners are making their way to me as I type. I will try them out and decide whether to keep them or send them back for boots.

Today, also, I did speak with the head of HR. Odds of a six month leave of absence are small, but I knew that going in; she’s going to see what she can do though. We also discussed medical insurance options. Ouch, and ouch again. That costs an arm and a leg. In the interests of staying apolitical in this blog, I’ll just say I wish not having insurance was a potential option still. She was very supportive, and thought it was great I was chasing down a dream… that reaction still takes me by surprise!

Misc notes:

  • On the plus side, I have more leave time than I thought, which will translate into more money when I do leave – plus I have the option, which I will take, of working steady 45 hour weeks from here to April (barring holiday weeks).
  • When sorting through my gear, the little portable stove I have never used went to pieces. Since on my best days the thing mystifies me, I am having trouble putting the pieces back together. I may end up getting a more comprehensible stove, rather then try to carry Humpty-Dumpty-Heater along. We’ll see!
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