Day 10: T -91 Days

Today’s reflection features the exciting topic of footwear!
It comes down to the question: hiking boots or trail runners? Trail runners are lighter, more flexible, and easier to wear… but not as much ankle support. My right ankle has been pretty weak since I sprained it badly as a kid, so ankle support is a must.  But hiking boots are heavier, hotter, and clunky! Clunky!

Solution 1: I do have an older pair of hiking boots, which I might end up pressing into service for this hike after all. They are already broken in, and yes, they did give me a blister on an 11 mile walk, but blisters are an expected fact of life on the AT, and since I know where I got the blister, I can protect the area before it begins.

Solution 2:! I am considering ordering a couple different pairs of trail runners and boots from the site, and wearing them around the house a bit to see how they fit. Thanks to the wonderful return policy, I can keep one pair, and return the others, as long as I don’t wear them outside. They’re not a sporting goods store or outfitter, but a cursory look yields a good selection.

Solution 3: All the above.

And then again, I’ll need camp shoes. This will be easier. Either crocs or sandals. Crocs with good traction would be best for wading rivers as well as for wearing around camp at night.  Something to add onto the Zappos order. 🙂

This has been Trail, Trials, and Travails Trivia with atsioneva! Tune in Tomorrow!

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