Day 9: T -92 Days

Okay, okay, I was bad, and did not exercise today. That part of my life dedicated to other responsibilities broke in and demanded attention. A lot of attention. Plus soundbar issues… don’t ask. Best Buy is getting sick of seeing me though.

My bed is piled high with the contents of what I not-so-fondly call my “gear box”. A lot of it is practical and will be useful on the trail. A lot of it, I’ve come to realize over extensive reading… is /not/. And a lot of it is still in my brother’s car. Another long story.

One thing that is sinking in is that I’m going to have to buy a smartphone. I come to this conclusion kicking and screaming, because I don’t /want/ another electronic gizmo to carry around, and I’ve never needed it. But it’s either a smartphone, or a kindle AND a tablet AND a GPS unit AND a dumbphone. I’m trying to reduce weight; something has to give. I’m not going to put myself under contract though, that’s going too far. I’ll keep with a tracphone or AT&T pay as you go deal.

We did not win the Powerball lottery. I guess it’s back to work on Monday after all…

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