Day 8: T-93 Days

One week down!

Items successfully completed  from the massive to-do list:

  • Made an appointment with HR at my company on Monday to discuss things like leave of absence (crosses fingers), insurance options, etc

That Bass Pro card is burning a hole in my pocket. There are so many things I will need to buy, and a lot of things that, with luck, I will not need to. Tomorrow, I’ll take an inventory of all my camping gear and draw up a definitive list of gear I need to buy. However, I am holding off on buying any clothing. I have a lot of hiking clothing that just doesn’t fit me at the moment, but by March, if things go well, it will again, and save me that expense. And I have a brown fleece jacket *somewhere* that I can’t find, which is driving me slightly nuts.

Misc notes:

  • No indoor walking trail today. Something about wearing high heeled boots for speed walking or stairclimbing was not appealing. The weather is lousy outside, still, I might take a rest day today. Or hit the gym for some incline training on the treadmill. Not very exciting.
  • I bought a new Kindle book off Amazon stuffed full of practical, pre-hike preparation. Some really good info in there – a lot of “I knew I needed to do this, and now I have a much better grasp on how”. More items for the list – oh, dear!
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