Day 7: T -94 Days

Items successfully completed yesterday from the massive to-do list:
— Discussed financial and logistical issues with Dad over takeout Chinese food. so that we are on the same page

It’s not uncommon for me to be trying to sleep, and my brain just won’t shut down… and then I have moments of panic with accompanying
adrenaline boost. : All the what ifs start crowding in. What if I can’t find another job when I get off trail? What if the money runs out and I can’t support Dad any longer? What f I get injured while on the trail? What if I start and really hate it and really can’t do it? What if I get vertigo and fall off a cliff. What if, what if, what if…

Thanks to everyone I know, one of the what ifs seems to be a “was not”. What if people think I’m crazy, or irresponsible, or stupid to be doing this? Well, NO ONE has reacted that way, and I’m grateful to you all for that. 🙂 Even the ultra-practical people I thought would look at me cross-eyed haven’t reacted any of the ways listed above – to me anyway! 🙂

Misc notes:
— I actually counted the total number of steps I climbed today, both in exercise and just to get up to the office: 66+66+60 steps up = 192, and the same number of steps down.
— Day pack + walking training starts Saturday.
— Dratted blog admin page is down again. I am looking into other blog sites now.
— I, for one, welcome my new comment overlords! 🙂

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