Day 19: T-82 days


Today, I deal with a wave of relief. Much more welcome than panic. 🙂

While researching medical insurance options connected to the AT, I stumbled across the existence of travel insurance that offers basic medical care – some even with no deductible! There’s one in particular geared toward “travelers” who are off pursuing highly athletic type “trips” – including backpacking. While it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions – I’d have to pay out of pocket for my medications, I suspect, a $355 quoted price, /total/, is much better than a $550/mo COBRA plan… Still researching, there are several possibilities, but it’s looking promising.

Of course, it won’t count as “real” health insurance, so I’ll have to pay a Obamacare fine next year (not going to go there, I promise!), but even that will be much cheaper (just for six months (I hope)).

So now what? Time to turn my attention briefly to checking cellphone coverage maps of the eastern seaboard, to determine which prepaid carrier to buy a smartphone from.

The total bills from my stay in the hospital over Christmas have come in… BOO! HISS! BAD! Payable. But unwanted.

Awaiting books and boots. 🙂 Onwards!


PS: I asked God yesterday to help me make this happen if He wanted me to do it, or, if not, to help me accept that I can’t, and move on. 3 hours later, I found the info about the travel insurance option. 🙂

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