Day 20: T-81 days

Items crossed off the massive to-do list:

  • Purchased smartphone

Yesterday went very, very well indeed! 🙂 Currently, I have books, boots, and phone in transit. I researched to see which phone carrier reportedly has the best coverage out on the AT, and the verdict came back – Verizon. So Verizon it shall be. Prepaid, of course. I am not yoking myself into a contract.

Yesterday’s exercise session was treadmilly. 45 minutes, at a steady 2.5 MPH pace; 1.87 miles. Slow, but comparable to speed on the AT. 10lb pack; I switched the grade every 5 minutes. 20 minutes at a 10% grade, 20 minutes at a 5% grade, 5 minutes cooldown at 0%.

While I walked, I thought, and thought some more, and came up with a PLAN. The end of January through the third week in February – 4 weeks – will be for gradually increasing the pack weight – 5 additional lbs per week, at least, until I hit 30. At least. The third week in February through the end of March will be all about increasing the distance, up to 2 extra miles a week, to culminate at the end of March with an 8 mile walk carrying a 30+ lb pack. When I can get outside and trek real hills and real trails, I will. They advise that when you hit the trail, for the first week or so, you limit your mileage to 10 miles or less per day, so I should be in good shape for that at least.

I have not heard back from my HR department yet about a leave of access – I will give it until Monday, and inquire. I really doubt it, but it didn’t hurt to ask.


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One thought on “Day 20: T-81 days

  1. Way to go! What a plan! I’m in awe of your organization.


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